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Domain Name Ownership
Domain Name- The domain name has two main functions. It serves as a website address, and also allows multiple users to have individual email addresses at a domain. A user is identified by the name placed before the @ symbol, and your domain name is what comes after the @ symbol. Domain name ownership lasts for one year, and is renewed on an annual basis. We do not automatically renew your domain you will be notified  within 60 days prior to it's expiration each year.
5 POP3 Email Addresses- Your POP3 email is compliant with all standard Internet protocols, which gives you the flexibility to use it with your favorite software or device. With POP3 Email addresses you can send and receive email from your favorite email software such as Outlook Express, or access it online from the web based email system that is included with your domain name purchase.  Email addresses can also be forwarded to any another email address including ones within your domain. Additional email addresses at your domain are also available at a very low annual cost.
Branded Web Based Email System- This allows you to read, send, and receive emails online. The best part is the link is easy to remember, it's your domain name. This system is perfect to be used by itself or along with a local mail client like Outlook Express. 
Email Forwarding- Forwards all Emails sent to your new address to any other email address. Emails sent to can be forwarded to Emails may also be forwarded within your domain name
Web Site
FTP Access- We give you FTP access with 10 MB of space for free.  While we cannot assist you with how to use third party software, we will here to help you through the ftp process. You will use as your Host Name, your User Name will be, and your Password is the Password you selected for your master account. The main (Home) page must be called index.html. While Front Page Extensions are not part of the free hosting service you can still build a site in Front Page and use FTP software to upload it to the server instead of using the Front Page Publish feature.
Note: Additional space and Front Page extensions are available as part of our monthly hosting package. 
Web Address Redirect- Allows you to redirect visitors that type in your your new website address to a different web address if you have an existing website. Example: When a visitor types in they can be sent to
Command Center- The Command Center is where you control and administer all the settings for your Domain Name (Email, Web Site, WhoIs and contact info) and is located at
  • Create new, edit, or remove email addresses.
  • Control Passwords
  • Control what visitors see when they visit your WWW.
  • Maintain your Account Information.
  • Get more Information about things you can do with your Domain.

All for only  $49.95 per year

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